Clover is now Two!

Clover is now Two!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Clover Loves Books

Clover has had books read to her everyday since we brought her home from the hospital.  She probably couldn't even see some of the pages for awhile,  but we did it any way.  Johnny brings her new books from the library almost every week, and we buy her ones that are easy for her to hold or have something really special about them.  The Lamaze books and Taggies are great because they are soft and washable.  I like the board books that can be used almost like flash cards.   The ones that have pictures of things she would recognize and then the word for the object.  Cat, sock, banana, etc. 

While shopping this weekend, we were at Babies R Us and Johnny held out a nice toy for Clover to see. She smiled really big and got excited.  He held it close to her and she reached out and grabbed the booklet that was attached to it and started thumbing through the pages in delight.  He even got it on video, so hopefully, we will post it soon.

Clover also loves to eat.  She eats mostly organic, but we also do conventional baby food.  She has started feeding herself some finger foods, like banana and the little gerber snacks...fruit puffs and now little cheese puff snacks.  This weekend, Johnny and I had just finished eating our lunch and he was holding Clover.   I asked Clover if she was hungry and signed the word "eat".  She pointed to Johnny's plate, which still had some scraps on it.  This was the first time she has pointed at an object to communicate with us.  Johnny picked up a piece of fresh pineapple and said, "Is this what you want?".  The took the pacifier out of her mouth and threw it on the ground and tried to grab the fruit.  We didn't give it to her, but put her in her highchair and fed her something else.

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