Clover is now Two!

Clover is now Two!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Clover on Christmas Morning...2010

Sorry for the late post.  Clover had a wonderful Christmas morning and here are the pictures of her discovering her toys that snowy morning.  Many of the pictures where captures taken from video.

Clover finds a set of keys in her new purse.

Santa gave Clover a new phone and left her a message on it.

Can you hear me now?

Before Clover saw what Santa brought for her.

Toys under the stockings.

Clover was a natural the first time she picked up the drum sticks.

Peeking inside to see what else might in there.

Looking at the lights.

Clover just starting to discover her toys.  She loves her laptop.

Clover checking out her new keyboard.

Testing out the keys.

It makes cat sounds...Clover is making the sign for cat.

Yummy..a BANANA.

Clover was not happy when she realized it was not edible.

new laptop

Clover loves her Dr Suess books.

Clover instantly knew to sing into the microphone.

Clover loves looking at the lights.

...and touching them.


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