Clover is now Two!

Clover is now Two!

Monday, March 29, 2010

14 pounds, 25 inches long

Last week Clover had her 6 month doctor's appointment. She weighed 14 pounds and measured 25 inches long. Clover was really good for the visit and wasn't too upset after her vacccines. Her doctor was able to check her vision with kind of a miniture version of what adults have to get their prescription checked. He dialated her eyes and then the nurse took a hand-held device that she held up like she was taking her picture. Her vision was "perfect". The doctor explained that he is the only pediatrician in town that does it and the reason he does is because he was legally blind as a child and never knew until he was in high school. Checking her eyesight this early can help prevent blindness and even correct some poor vision. I love her doctor and feel really good about our choice as Clover's pediatrician. She has had a little bit of a cough this week which I probally gave her. The nurse suggested the yellow Triaminic for Cough and Congestion. It has helped and Clover is sleeping much better. The nurse explained that most stores do not carry it after it was taken off the market to be reformulated (you don't have to sign for it anymore). She said Publix and Krogers have it. We got it at Publix.

We were able to get out more during the nice weather this week. I took her to see our neighbor, Sara. Sara was really good to me when I was pregnant. She is always checking on us to see if we need anything and helped me keep up my yard during my pregnacy. She even gets my garbage can in position for me before I can get out and do it. Did I mention that Sara is in her eighties?

Clover got to spend more time with Grandma while I got my taxes done and went to the doctor. Grandma got her outside some and enjoyed the nice weather.

Over the weekend we took her shopping to look for an activity center and high chair. We checked out the Baby Depot at Burlington Coat Factory in Huntsville. I was really impressed with the selection of unique accessories that you would normally not find in local stores like Target or Babies 'R Us. Her dad got her a Jenny Jump Up and a pair of dress shoes for easter. Then we went to Babies 'R Us. Clover had never been to a toy store and she was so excited. When we showed her a toy she really liked, she would shake her arms and legs and smile. We ended up getting her a cell phone and remote control. The remote was for kids 18 months and up, but I read reviews on it and many parents had gotten it for their child before 6 months and had very good experiences. It looks very much like my remote. She went crazy for it in the store. We will give it to her on Easter. We looked at activity centers and high chairs, but want to do more research. They activity centers are really expensive for the amount of time she is going to use them, but she does need to be sitting upright more than she is now. I assembled her Jenny Jump Up when we got home and she tried it out. She didn't seem very interested in it yet, but she was exhausted from our day.

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