Clover is now Two!

Clover is now Two!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If You're Lucky Enough to be Irish...You're Lucky Enough

This week I am thinking a lot about Clover's first St. Patrick's day.  It is my favorite holiday and I don't have any special traditions to celebrate being Irish.  In fact, we really don't need a holiday to celebrate being Irish, we should do it everyday...LOL. 

My hope is that Clover knows about all of her ancestry from both parents.  I have mostly all Irish from both of my parents, so she will learn a lot about Ireland and hopefully I will take her there when she is old enough to appreciate the beauty of the country side, the castles and old churches.  Until then, I will expose her to the music, the dances, the food and the stories from the Irish.

Today I was thinking about what kinds of traditions I would like to start with Clover on St. Patrick's Day.  St. Patricks Day is always on March 17.  This year that falls on a Wednesday.  We will probably go to the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Huntsville, have lunch at an Irish Pub with Grandma and Clover can have green milk!

Then I thought about all the Irish sayings and poems that will bring a tear to your eye after having a few Irish beers.  So I decided to write one for her.  Here it is:

Autumn Clover

I loved my little baby, since the day I knew about her
I could feel her when she moved, I thought she was a dancer
She has no idea how special she is to all of those around her
She's more than an Irish Rose, she's our little Autumn Clover.
Your Irish eyes are mine, though others may claim them
Your smile melts my heart, your frame is thin and tall
You are my hope, faith, and love that came on the first day of Fall
You are never any trouble, never any bother
You're my little girl I call Autumn Clover.


  1. So sweet! Love it :) Is Johnny Irish?

  2. Hey Liz, Actually, I'm not really for sure about his ancestors. I asked him once where his heritage was from and he said proudly, "Alabama".

  3. What a beautiful poem. Isn't is a wonderful feeling - being in love with your child? I love being a mom, even when I don't remember that all the time. ;)

  4. Thanks, Kim. Yes it is. I don't think I've written a poem since 2nd grade. It just seemed like the Irish thing to do :)

  5. I got an email from Clover's Meme (Johnny's mother), Linda. She said that Clover does have a little Irish on her side and Cherokee Indian. In fact, a great(or great great) grandmother of Linda father's was full blooded Cherokee Indian whose father or grandfather was an Indian Chief named Corn Stalk....which I find very facinating that a Corn Stalk ended up with a Wheatley:) On top of that Clover being born on the first day of Fall. All very earthy.