Clover is now Two!

Clover is now Two!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Grandma King's Birthday

Sunday was Grandma King's birthday.   Also, Clover's Uncle Tommy's birthday was the same day.  We decided to have a little get together at my house on Sunday for Grandma.  Uncle Sean and family, Uncle Michael and family, my mom and dad and us (me, Johnny and Clover) all had dinner and cake.  It was a nice get together and we all had a really good time.  Of course, Clover loves to see everyone, especially her cousins.

We had another pretty busy week.  Clover is using her flashcards, slideshows and books more than she is playing with her toys.  Today she saw a picture of baby food and said the word "eat".  She is crawling all over, sitting up in her crib and playpen and on the floor.  If you help her stand up, she will try to walk without even thinking about it.  With my help, she took a few steps holding on the the sectional couch.  I bet she will be doing it all by herself soon. 

Clover spends most of the day in a wonderful mood.  The only time she is cranky is when she is tired.  She moves and twists around too much when I try to change her diapers and does not liked to be told 'no' when I am doing it.  She also doesn't like to wear a bib and is starting to draw with her finger on her highchair tabletop with food from her mouth.  She also loves to gargle with her milk, juice or water. 

We took her out with us to Longhorn Steakhouse.  She had already been fed, but I learned fast that I should have brought her snacks.  She was not very happy about not having a plate of food, so we gave her some sweet potato.  She enjoyed watching the others in the restaurant. She heard a baby crying, so she decided to make some noise herself.  It used to be so easy just to take her in her car seat and everyone would tell us what a beautiful, sweet baby we have.  I guess from now on, we will get mean glances and rolled eyes from other patrons and offers from the waitress of chocolate milk to keep her quiet.  Of course, we could get a babysitter, but it is more fun to have her with us.

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