Clover is now Two!

Clover is now Two!

Monday, November 22, 2010

14 Months Old Today

Last night, we were reading books to Clover.  She got up, started walking around, played, and was doing her own thing.  Johnny said, "Today, Clover is officially a toddler."  I could have cried.  She is a toddler.

She is doing lots of things I find really funny.  Like she picked up the remote control and put it to her ear.  She said, "Hello?". The she turns her head away and says, "HUH?!".  Then she pretends to carry on a conversation and jesters with her hands.

She loves to impress visitors with her walking abilities.  Over the weekend, my mom came over and Clover called her "Grammy" and my father "PaPa"..she also calls Johnny's father PaPa, but I think she will eventually call my dad, "grandpa".

This last week, Clover and I went to a family night at my work where they showed a movie and had food.  Clover was excited to be around other kids and some close to her age.  Many were excited to see her and everyone had a great time.  I am so glad that my company is so family oriented.  I love it.

She had lots of fun at her dad's family get together for Thanksgiving on Saturday.  She got to meet lots of people that she hasn't seen yet and then we stopped by her great uncle and aunt's house (Mark and Barbara).  She got to sit in Mark's lap with their dog, Andy and eat crackers.  This was a big deal and ever since will ask for crackers (saying and signing). 

Today Clover turned 14 months and is not feeling so great.  I will be calling the doctor's office in the morning to see if she needs to go, but I hope she gets over it soon.  I am looking forward to the spending the long weekend with Johnny and Clover...hoping we all get some good rest.

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