Clover is now Two!

Clover is now Two!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Week

Clover had a really fun time this year at Halloween.  Last week, her dad and I took her to pick out a costume.  We went to a few of the Halloween themed retail stores.  Johnny held Clover and when she would see a scary mask or statue, she would turn away so she couldn't see or bury her face into his chest.  We did find an outfit that suited her just fine and she had fun wearing it.  She was a Pink Leopard and would try to "meow" and scratch. She liked wearing the head piece and would sign 'hat' when she wanted to wear it.

The first event I took her to was the Halloween event at Earth Fare on Thursday.  She loved it because she could see all the kids wearing their costumes, see her favorite people that work there, and she got to eat a banana while we were there.
Clover has been visting Jane since she was 6 months old.  They are good friends.

I have food in my teeth! but enjoying the family time at Earth Fare

On Saturday, we took her to a local hangout called, "The Brick".  They had a spooky band and lots of kids and adults were dancing having a blast. 

Clover couldnt take her eyes off the other kids' costumes.

On Sunday, we took her to Kid Venture in Huntsville.  It is kind of an indoor playground and has a section for toddlers and babies.  This enviroment felt so safe and I'm sure she felt very free to get to crawl around and try the different play equipment.  She went crazy for the sandbox filled with balls.  She also loved jumping on the horse.  This event was special for Halloween and we will definitely go back again to play with Clover.  After playing, we made one trick or treat stop at her Uncle Sean's before she was too pooped to do anymore for the night.  We felt very good that she had a really fun day and we were able to have fun spending it with her.

I also wanted to post a few pics from a wedding of a friend of ours that we attended a few weeks ago.  It was a Rockabilly themed wedding at a drive-in movie theater. This wedding made news all over the country and internet for being so unique.  We were happy to be a part of their special day.

Daddy Turns 40 next week! Stay tuned...

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