Clover is now Two!

Clover is now Two!

Friday, October 22, 2010

13 months old today

Clover is 13 months old today.  Last night, she took her first steps.  She was walking towards her Grandma.  She took one step that I got on video and she took a series of 3 that I didn't catch.  I know she will be walking soon.  I guess she is almost a toddler and not a baby any more.  In fact, she is doing much more that I ever imagined for a 13 month old. Today I put in her favorite signing video.  As soon as she realized which one it was, she signed, "signing time".  I didn't know for sure what she was signing, so I paid close attention to the video.  Sure enough, baby "signing time" was being signed in the intro.  She saw a picture of "shoes".  She looked at me and made the sign for "shoes".  The way she looked at me was if she was teaching me how to sign it..and she said, "shoes".  This continued for the rest of the video.  She comprehends more than we know.  Yesterday my mother said, "One.."  and she said, "two...three".  I have no idea how she knows this. We haven't gone over numbers, but maybe she got it from a song in one of her signing time videos or from books that we read.  I just hope we can keep up with her. 

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