Clover is now Two!

Clover is now Two!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Clover Turns 7 months this Week!

Clover is changing so fast.  This week she  has gotten more vocal, babbling in bed after she wakes up. I wouldn't say it is her first word, but she is saying "hay" a lot.  She is also making funny grunting and squealing noises. She is moving around a lot quicker, but not quite crawling yet. We are working on baby proofing all the rooms.  She is growing out of all of her clothes that I hoped she would be able to wear this spring and already wearing and almost too big for the summer clothes that I have already bought.  She is taking longer naps and sleeping even better than ever at night.  She gets a little cranky if she doesn't get a good nap. 

Johnny got Clover a Vtech Move and Crawl Ball .  She really likes it and she has other Vtech products that uses the same voice and some and sayings, so it didn't take much to get her interested in it.  When you turn it on, it teases the child to move forward and it will move a little, kind of a little foward and in a circle.  She was all over the place.  She is starting to put her arms in the right position to crawl. 

Clover is showing lots of expression when she is pleased with herself when she learns to play with a toy properly.  When she is happy to see someone, she makes really funny faces and shakes her arms and legs.  She is loving her high chair and is a really good eater.  Soon she will be eating real bananas and graham crackers.  She still hasn't cut any teeth, but it seems it wont be much longer. 

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