Clover is now Two!

Clover is now Two!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ready to crawl

For a long time now, Clover has been trying to crawl.  She has strong legs and moves around on the floor by rolling around or rocking to get closer to where she wants to be.  The other day, she was asleep in her crib and in her sleep, she was on her hands and knees with her head up trying to move around in her crib.  She just isn't quite sure how to move her arms yet.  We are looking into some toys that help with the arm movement in crawling. 

This weekend, Clover got a new high chair.  We have been researching them since before she was born.  I was set on getting an old fashion looking wooden one that would match my dinning room set.  We really hated the looks of all the new ones...bulky, bright colors, lots of padding that would have to be cleaned, legs that took up a lot of room.  After doing the research, it seemed that newer meant better for comfort and safety.  We also wanted a big tray.  Finally, we decided on something that I think is going to be perfect for us.  It is the Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair.  It is a booster seat with a detachable back with a pretty cover and nice sized tray.  It is great for me, because it wont take up any extra space because it sits in one of my current chairs.  Clover used the high chair for the first time this morning and she loved it. I could tell she was very comfortable and she was so happy sitting in it.  She smiled and banged on the tray as if she was checking it out for sturdiness. I'll post a pic of her in it in my next post and hopefully we will have video of her crawling soon.

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