Clover is now Two!

Clover is now Two!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Clover turns 8 months this Saturday

I can't believe we are already 4 months from Clover's birthday.  That will be something I should start planning for soon.

Clover is getting better with crawling..yesterday she crawled a little higher, not on her stomach as much.  She went pretty far from the middle of the living room to the kitchen.  She went over to a low drawer and opened and tried to look in it.  She is a curious one for sure.  Then she shut it back. She hit her hands on the hard floor for a bit and then she got scared of being there on the floor and I had to pick her up and put her on the carpet in the living room.

She is also talking a little bit more.  She hasn't said mommy any more.  She said daddy once last week, but now says "dadadadadada".  This morning she said "mama dada" and was waving her hand.  She does say "hey" and "hi" and sometimes "baa", when she is waving her hand. 

This afternoon, I walked outside with her in my arms to get some fresh air.  There was a toddler standing out there with his dad.  He was a tiny little thing and looked just a little taller than Clover.  Clover went crazy for this kid.  She was so excited every time he glanced in our direction.  I think she loves him.


  1. Hi Clover,

    Can't wait to see you again.


    Cousin Olivia

  2. Hi Olivia...Clover can't wait to see you again either! She almost cried when you left and she doesn't even do that with me or her dad yet. In fact, she has never done that with anyone. I thought it was really funny when she was trying to sit on you so you wouldn't leave her sight. I can imagine she is going to be following you around for years. Please come over to visit again soon!