Clover is now Two!

Clover is now Two!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My first Mother's Day

I got to sleep in on Mother's Day and  had a really nice Mother's Day with Clover, Johnny and my mom.  We all went with my dad and brother Michael to brunch at the Westin Hotel.  We strolled around Bridge Street afterward and I found a locket that I liked.  After we got home, Johnny gave me some gifts and one was the locket that I saw, but he had already gotten it.  That was a nice surprise.  It was a great day and I couldn't have possibly had a better one.  I feel very lucky.  Happy Mother's Day, Mom and Linda!

Clover had a good day too.  She liked going out and when we got home, she got to play with her new jumper.  She seems to really love it.  We think it will help her build up her strength to crawl better off of her belly and build muscles so she can sit up.

Friday night, we went to Relay for Life and had a really good time. Clover got to see some live dogs for the first time.  After a few laps around the track, we decided on some hamburgers and threw a blanket in the grass and played with Clover.  We had to leave after the music started because it was way too loud for her ears.

Clover is a babbling away right now and ready for me to get her up from her nap.  I'll be posting a few photos later.

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